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COACHES GOALS:                                        

The main objective for C.C.H.D is to create a program that:

- Help all players reach their GOALS and achieve SUCCESS!

- Focuses on positive interactions between players and instructors

- Provides more attention to each individual player with less participants

- Creates a positive and safe learning environment that is engaging for all participants

- Demands hard work, respect and most importantly how to have fun while learning

- Provides players with guidance and leadership that will give them the best chance at developing their skills

- Assist players in understanding an Elite mindset and what it takes to get to "our" next level (ie., AA, AAA, faster, better skater, etc) and guiding them along their process

Player Expectations:

- RESPECT yourself, your instructor and other members

- Be mentally and physically prepared to train at an elite level

-  Give me your best ALL DAY LONG!

- Ask questions when you do not understand

- Believe in your skills and believe you can do every drill we try!!

- have clear goals for yourself and how you aim to become the best hockey player and person you can be



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